Saturday, 5 February 2011

The new life of a vintage necklace

I was so excited when a bride e-mailed to say thankyou for the 'Cadbury' purple set I'd made and would I be interested in re-working a necklace that belonged to her Grandmother into a bracelet and earrings.
After seeing pictures of the necklace, which consisted of crystal beads which started in a larger size at the front then reduced in size towards the end of the necklace, I decided to match the beads with Swarovski pearls. For the bracelet I used the same size crystals, and for the earrings some of the larger vintage crystals with a Swarovski pearl in between.

When the necklace arrived it was even more beautiful than the pictures I'd seen and I couldn't wait to get to work, it felt kind of strange cutting the necklace up and I could just imagine all the parties it had been to a couple of generations ago, but it was so nice to be giving it a new life and that it would be there with her Granddaughter on such a special day of her life

So here it is, a truly vintage and special necklace in it's new guise as a bridal bracelet and earrings, I hope these get passed on down the generations too

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