Thursday, 26 August 2010

Co-ordinating your bridesmaids

When I got married this summer I had three lovely bridesmaids, now one bridesmaid was (still is) expecting which is very exciting, however it made dress shopping slightly more interesting.
We ended up with two of them wearing the same dresses and a beautiful maternity dress for the other one.

Different dress styles and even colours is becoming a lot more popular, whilst brides still want to have their maids co-ordinating on the day, so how can you get round this?
As well as matching flowers why not consider matching accessories

Mine wore the same headbands which looked lovely and provided some sparkly co-ordination between them

And here we all are!

And here are the headbands

These can be made in any colour and can be made to include Swarovski crystal like this red one pictured below

For headbands and other creations head on over to LobsterLove

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