Friday, 26 March 2010

Sparkly comb

I've had a great time working with a March bride who wanted her comb to be in gold and with AB swarovskis, so it was very sparkly!! After some consultations we decided on a design and I set to work on it and here it is (pictured with matching silver combs for the bridesmaids)

I also made her some purple pearl and swarovski bracelets and matching pendants. It was great fun finishing this order and I'm really looking forward to seeing the pictures of her big day :)


  1. Gorgeous. will you be making your own jewellery for your wedding?

  2. Thanks, was so pleased with it! Also in love with the purple, but they attract dust like nothing else which makes photos tricky

    I've nearly finished my wedding jewellery, will get pics in the next few weeks :D

  3. Beautiful jewellery the purple is just lovely