Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A special orchid

It's a long story, but when i met my now fiance his Mum had recently passed away..
Of all the orchids she had only one survived, and several years on I've finally got it to flower!! We had no idea what colour it was, and it's finally revealed itself this week :D
So here is the special orchid


  1. Fantastic... Orchids love steamy warm atmospheres, like kitchen or utility rooms.
    When it has finished flowering cut stem above first notch from bottom, These should flower twice a year with a feed and soak once a week. Soak as in stand in an plant pot holder, top up with warm water with feed in it, lift immediately out and drain..thats it

  2. thanks :) It must be the move into the kitchen which has inspired it to flower (another one of mine is about to flower too)

  3. So beautiful, orchids are stunning. Thanks for visiting my blog, hope your wedding planning all goes well! x